Athletic Field

When building a new field or having trouble with an existing field, professional assistance will save you time and money. We help schools and towns develop and maintain athletic fields to provide safe playing surfaces for their athletes.

It’s cost effective to get it right the first time!

  • Soil testing:  Soil testing is probably the most important and least expensive test to have done to your fields. This will tell you what needs to be done to obtain the proper P.H. and nutrient balance for your fields and also what the texture is (sand-silt-clay) so you can make the correct decisions for your field’s needs.
  • Baseball infields: We are proud distributors of Pro’s Choice infield conditioners, mound clay and soil conditioners. Correct grading is essential for proper drainage to minimize or eliminate rain delays. Building a proper mound will teach your pitchers the right mechanics and give them the winning edge. Give your field that professional look!
  • Aeration: “We’re going to have to cancel”! Too much water on the field. You don’t have to put up with game cancellations and missed practices due to standing water on the playing surface. Water that collects on your fields is due in part to soil compaction and lack of aeration. We have a system that will keep your fields in play even in the rainy season.
  • Soil-shattering: “Ow! I think it’s my knee”! No one can afford to lose a player due to injury. But injures happen, especially when playing surfaces experience soil compaction. Compacted soil means a surface that is hard and unforgiving. Our soil-shattering program digs down deep into the soil to prevent and relieve compaction and to increase water and air movement.
  • Over-seeding: “Nice field… where’s the grass”? A thick stand of turf looks impressive, but more importantly, it gives your players the competitive edge at home. Thick, even turf means better footing and truer ball movement across the field. Our program of over-seeding can help even out the landscape of your field and keep it that way.
  • Fertilization: We all know how important it is to supply the turf with a well-balanced fertilizer to fight off disease, insects and the effects of stress. A good program will also provide your field with that professional look with good color and dense turf.
  • Top-dressing: This process can help your fields by removing uneven areas on the surface and also improving the soil structure by adding amendments such as sand or peat.
  • Geese Control: No one likes to have their children play on a field that is covered with geese droppings. We are certified applicators for Flight Control, an environmentally friendly product to keep geese off your turf fields.
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