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We are an authorized distributor of Pro’s Choice® products. See our available products below:

Soilmaster® Infield Conditioner
Designed to meet the challenges of wet, dry or compacted infields, this league legend has been the first choice of professional groundskeepers to build and maintain winning ball fields for many seasons. It manages the moisture on your field, keeping it in top playing condition. Soilmaster® is an all-star veteran in the Pro’s Choice® lineup.

Soilmaster® Select Series Infield Conditioner & Topdressing
For premium performance and a color that will set your field apart, choose the Soilmaster® Select Series from Pro’s Choice®. Scientifically engineered to meet daily maintenance challenges and give your field a professional look, Soilmaster® Select is the TRUE choice of groundskeepers around the league for building and maintaining winning ballfields. Available in four distinct colors, Soilmaster® Select’s uniform granules manage moisture and alleviate compaction to keep your field in top playing condition. Available in red, green, brown and charcoal.

Rapid Dry® Drying Agent
When you need a game saver, you’ll want Rapid Dry® drying agent in your line-up. Rapid Dry® granules quickly wick away excess water from your playing field and help improve soil consistency. It’s not a dusty powder like other quick-drying products on the market today. It’s perfectly sized for both stability and absorption. Rapid Dry’s sand-like texture even improves footing on slippery surfaces. Just pour it on any wet spots and get back in the game fast.

Pro Mound® Packing Clay
For the best performance on the mound and in the batter box, you can’t beat Pro Mound® packing clay. A unique blue gumbo, Pro Mound® bonds to form a solid subsurface that allows players to dig in and establish footing without leaving large holes. It performs all year long, season after season. Also available in pre-formed blocks.

Soilmaster® Green Soil Conditioner
For hall-of-fame performance in the outfield (and turf areas of the infield), call for Soilmaster® Green soil conditioner. Colored to blend with your turf, Soilmaster® Green improves oxygen, water and nutrient flow to the rootzone for stronger, healthier turf. It also covers wear areas to improve your game day appearance.

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